Back in 1958, along with a few vineyard workers, I organized Scansano's first wine and grape festival.
At that time our cellars were full of wine.
No one wanted it, leaving winegrowers dismayed.
It was the last Sunday in September when, during the festival, we decided to give away several demijohns full of wine.
Then I thought of buying 104 demijohns from a friend, and used them to take my wine into the surrounding area.
It was hard to sell our production, especially considering the high cost of labour compared to wine prices.
With the help of the chief of the Agricultural Commission, I began the bureaucratic process of obtaining a DOC appellation for the wine produced in our area, sending a sample from our own cellars to the Agricultural Commission and Foreign Trade Institute in Rome.
I forwarded the Commission letters I received from clients and friends in Germany and Switzerland praising our "Morellino", which is what we called our area's blend of 85% Sangiovese piccolo, 15% Montepulciano, Canaiolo and Tinto di Spagna grapes.
It was a medium alcoholic wine with a deep ruby red color, and although its bouquet was slight, it had a rich, full taste.

We were the first, and not without sacrifice, to bottle Morellino.
Now that the wine has made a name for itself, it's easy to forget the hard work and sacrifice winegrowers brought to improving and promoting it.
I tell this story and write it with dedication, hoping my experience proves useful to those who follow me, and that they will know how to be "buoni vignaioli", good winegrowers, in every sense of the word.
Ezio Mantellassi    
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